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General Questions (12)

How many times I can take part in the plan no. 1 (2M Plan) that lasts two months?
For the plan no. 1 called 2M Plan within one year you can make a transfer six times meaning that each transfer you wire in a given time-period will be processed six times by our investment algorithm.
How many times I can take part in the plan no. 2 (3M Plan) that lasts three months?
How much time do I have for payment?
Can I make transfer in any other crypto currency or in FIAT?
What if my funds in one of the BTC transactions come from a few inputs/addresses?
Can I make a transfer from the cryptocurrency exchange?
Is it possible to track the current amount of ROE in a chosen plan?
Can I check all the payments after a chosen plan is over?
How the profit it being paid off?
What would be a return after a full year of investment?
Is it possible that the profit in a chosen plan will increase?
Can I put my funds to the plan no. 1 or no.2 and leave them there for an entire year to multiply, like in a case of a yearly investment?

Security (5)

What are the means of transfers’ protection used by our algorithm?
How about minimizing the risk to secure the invested transfers?
How the protection works?
Are the users’ transfers are secure and protected all the time?
Transfer from wallet or from exchange?
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