About us

We can live in a world that we design.

BitcoinRoe is an investment algorithm in which you can multiply your Bitcoins.

It is the first proprietary, highly automated algorithm

working as a tool for managing not only investments but also risk and insurance of invested transfers.

BitcoinRoe is also a project to spread the excellent

idea of Bitcoin (according to the will of Satoshi Nakamoto) and to increase adoption and use Bitcoin in everyday life through products and services.

The great idea of Bitcoin

requires support of the community in order to introduce the offered possibilities to people's everyday life. Regardless of whether you are an individual Bitcoin user or represent a product or service, everyone directly or indirectly is called upon to popularize this idea. There are many ways to do it: you can tell your friends about Bitcoin, introduce them to the technology or simply show them how to use a wallet; you can collect withdrawals for your work or accept deposits and settle accounts with the customers using BTC; you can buy products or services by paying BTC; you can also promote the idea of Bitcoin wherever the good word Satoshi Nakamoto has not yet arrived. There are many ways to do this – whatever works is worth recognition.

This is also our role

a role of a group of professional analysts, traders, mathematicians, IT specialists, technology enthusiasts. Our way to spread the idea of Bitcoin is our investment algorithm. Thanks to it we can multiply the amount of BTC, belonging to enthusiasts, users, hodlers, or people expecting a better world in which Bitcoin is a natural way of paying for all the goods which we now pay with large scale printed money of the governments for. By using our experience, the best knowledge, the knowledge of market mechanisms and their mathematical dependencies, our ability to link key information into a logical whole, we have developed an investment algorithm which task is to multiply the amount of BTCs collected according to certain rules, taking advantage of the unlimited opportunities offered by the market. Our product is addressed to all who want to multiply their Bitcoins.

You decide how much you want to invest.

Our Mission

In addition, we come up

with a message and a mission to help the idea of Bitcoin in its own way. Together with our investment algorithm we will implement the Bitcoin’s promotion plan in every possible way. The funds for this purpose will be additionally obtained while the investment algorithm is working. It will be 1% of the profit earned for the users. Transparently and in a fair way, each user who makes a transfer indirectly participates in the implementation of this plan and additionally increases the number of his Bitcoins.

This all is done in order

to reach as many recipients as possible and show that based on blockchain bitcoin is the best technology for a fair and global payment method. We believe that these actions will contribute to the growth of the Bitcoin community and thus its active users. This will help to further decentralize the network and increase the value of Bitcoin.

Definitely this is what Satoshi Nakamoto would like to see today!

a better world in which we pay for products and services with Bitcoin and a payee and a sender are not dependent on any third party. A world in which we are 100% owners of our own funds and their transfer takes place in an inexpensive and fast way. No matter the circumstances and borders, Bitcoin is everywhere. For the poor and the rich, for the young and the old, for the imprisoned and the free, even for those who are temporarily offline, only a sheet of paper and a pen is enough. 10 years after Nakamoto’s manifesto we still have a lot to do. As all the BTC users, we continue this idea and the desire of many of us to have more Bitcoins and this obliges us to develop and promote the entire Bitcoin network.

All of this in order to use it in our everyday life.

Thus, we invite everyone

to participate - not only for the profit but also to be able to use this technology on a daily basis, and being at the heart of a revolution comparable to this when Internet has been created. Based on the block chain Bitcoin is todays a 10 years old boy with a young face and an advanced intellect, with a network of neurons as numerous as a chain of Bitcoin blocks, a revolutionary and constantly developed and improved technology.

We believe that this is still a good time to join it and become a part of it.

The main assumptions of our algorithm

  • Each transfer partakes in a certain process directed by our investment algorithm which is reflected in some percentage of return from an equity capital (that is a user transfer).
  • The amount of the return (profit) depends on the time-period chosen – for now there are 60 days and 90 days time-periods available.
  • A part from the return (profit) for the certain time-period is forwarded to three addresses which are as following: the one for bitcoin promotion, the one of a future winner being randomly selected from all the participants, and the one of our algorithm development support. The total amount is 3%, which gives 1% for each of the three sides.
  • The transfers are upon two time-periods when they are processed by the investment algorithm. The time-periods differ in terms of time length and the amount of the return (profit) from the transfer sent in BTC.
  • The payments from the return for the BTC’s transfer users, along with that transfer’s base, are regularly sent 48 hours before the end of an adequate time-period.
  • Thus, it is possible to reinvest the same funds (plus the additional profit) for the new time-period.

Who is it for?

Our algorithm is for both those who have their own BTC and those who would like to buy them and add up to the algorithm… and for the miners who would like to increase profitability of their mining - in principle to all who are interested in technology and multiplying owned bitcoins.

What’s the transfer amount?

It is up to you – we do not suggest what should be the amount or average; the only requirement is a minimal value 1000 Satoshi (~$0,03 at the current rate). That is due to technical arrangements and operational costs. All the transfers below 1000 Satoshi will be taken as a donation and sent to the promotional address of Bitcoin.

How about profitability?